What is new about “ Dj Samer Wakileh “ [Report]

His name shown globally and reaped overwhelming success on many levels. Despite his young age and perseverance in achieving his dreams, the name " Dj Samer Wakileh " still tops the "trend" in the world.

By the holy month of Ramadan, " Dj Samer Wakileh " was invited to revive the largest Ramadan party in Jordan / Amman, which is a Ramadan tent under the name "Ramadan Nights". This Ramadan event begins on Monday 04/04/2022 and lasts 18 days in a row. , as this event was organized by the "Platinum" company, and the brightest and most famous Arab artists participated in it, including "Joseph Attia, Marwan Khoury, Adam, Mahmoud Al-Esseily, Eyad Tannous..." and other brilliant singers. A new event is added to the career of this young man and increases his fame and success.

The Arabs have always been famous for their love of life and perseverance in living happily and joyfully. In every crisis that passes, we make sure that we are a cheerful and hopeful people.

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