Wildeor- The Devil Makes Three (Track Review)


Written By Imani Wj Wright

There’s one thing that I think most of us appreciate, and that one thing is honesty. No one likes to be hoodwinked, or left in the dark. When I’m listening to ​The Devil Makes Three​ by Wildeor, I feel like there is close to nothing being held back from me. I won’t delve too deeply into the lyrical concept, but instead, how beautifully they convey the piece through sound, feeling, and a textbook example of word painting.

In a song with such a title, ‘charming’ might not be the first description that comes to mind, but simply put – the vocals on this piece had me drawn in from the beginning. Before these make their way into the foreground, the plane is set by three instruments that seem to be marching in tandem. The percussion, strings, and piano heard in the first few seconds of this track take on the identity of living beings. I wasn’t just listening to a song, I was in the middle of an occurrence. The sound of this piece throws me even more-so into their march during the hook. When the lead vocalist sings: Take me down like an anchor, you can feel that not only from the emotional crescendo in the vocals, but in also in the return of the semi-personified instruments we heard in the beginning.

This song is great for those who enjoy storytelling, multi-layered instrumentation, and a raw, organic sound.

Extra Strengths: ​The vocal engineering works perfectly with just the right amount of reverb. Not only is the sound ​open​ and ​free, but the volumes between the instruments and the vocals never fight with one another.

Top Critique: ​There were some moments where, vocally, a touch more inflection could have been used to maximize the emotional effect. This is minor and did not take away from the beauty of the song.

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