Wilderman- Cope Trip (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Great songwriting, fun instrumentation, and a beautiful vocal approach... Those are all the attributes of "Cope Trip" by Wilderman. 

This joint just instantly gives me great feelings. Do you have certain sounds or atmospheres thst make you feel like you're floating on a cloud? Yes? Well for me, this is one of those examples. The melodies created here do exactly what the song references. Let me elaborate. Wilderman's songwriting on Cope Trip speaks to the "needed" action of getting away, and coping with issues that feel overwhelming. Not only does he act as a Musical Shrink, but an overall performer. He, along with the beautiful background vocals- stay in character, stay on pitch, and keep an inviting/uplifting tone. 

Wilderman writes this piece is a fashion that's highly relatable. In all honesty, this composition is timeless. We'll always need a break, a day off, a sanctuary. But Wilderman would simply call it a Cope Trip. This is an overall relatable and creative piece of art. 

Check it out:


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