Wildest- Sugar (The Choice Is Yours) [Track Review]

Written by Chris Yangello

With the recent start of the new year, I’ve been on the search for new music to add to my playlists and share with friends. As the first few weeks of 2021 have come and gone, there are a few artists who have stood out to me more than the rest. Wildest is an up and coming group from the U.K. And, while I’m a huge hip-hop advocate and consumer, I really appreciated the change of pace that Wildest brings to the table.

Their newest release, Sugar (The Choice is Yours), was exactly what I was looking for to broaden my horizons at the start of the new year. Their song is catchy, melodic, and exciting. I can see their potential through this song alone, although I wouldn’t be opposed to doing some listening to their other related works.

All in all, their music and artist identity is both fun and original. I’m extremely excited to see what Wildest will be up to as this new year continues. If you’re looking to check out a new group with a lot of potential, Wildest is just the groove you’re looking for. Be sure to stream “Sugar (The Choice is Yours)” as well, you won’t regret it!

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