Wintur- Fierce Predator (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Alright kids- it's time to leave the room. 

Are they gone yet? Yes? Alright, cool. 

Do not take this title lightly, Wintur, brings it full force on his sultry single, Fierce Predator.

This is the type of piece written for a potentially spicy night. You know what I mean. Some good dinner, roses, dim lights... the whole 9 yards. From start to finish, the atmosphere that Wintur generates, keeps the mood steady and suspenseful. The very opening moments begin with what sounds like a heartbeat. This can attest to the "adrenaline" that Wintur refers to in the first verse. This was a deft production decision, as it personifies the composition, making it come alive. Immediately following, is an electric guitar that plays for a long duration of the piece. In a way, Wintur's voice, and the guitar seem to work as two leading voices.

If you dive deep into the lyricism and get real "artsy", the untamed guitar could be symbolic of the,  Fierce Predator Wintur is referring to. His tone stays breathy and lowkey during this piece. It makes the feeling of hkm beimg seduced or slowly "poisoned" that much more believable. 

This is an all in all solid performance by Wintur. He stays in character, stays on pitch, and works collectively with the production around him. 

Check it out:

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