Wonyay- Tequila & Tattoos VOL2 [Album Review]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Album Photo by Lukey Lenz

"Maybe I'm in my feelings, but I'm feeling all alone." - Wonyay

I can't understate how much I enjoy watching the noticeable growth of an artist. At the time of this piece, I am not yet a parent. However, being an artist myself, I understand the maturation and time-on-task involved in forever molding your craft. As I listen to Baltimore native, Wonyay's latest project Tequila and Tattoos VOL2, it is without a doubt Wonyay's most impressive work to date.

One thing this album is full of is raw, unfiltered emotion. It can be felt throughout the whole project. With songs like 'All Alone Intro', 'Social Loaner', and 'Self Reflecting', it's easy to get caught and grasped within the psyche of Wonyay on this project. "...I know I can't fix it, I'm just tryna' help, so bear with me...," Wonyay says on 'Self Reflecting'.

What comes with his unleashed style is a quite distinctive vocal delivery. Rhythmically, Wonyay seems to be finding differing pockets of the instrumental to execute his verses. Once you begin to take a deep dive into his work, you almost get lost in the uniqueness of his approach. It begins to feel less of an anomaly, and instead, a lane that Wonyay has crafted to work for him. With the instrumentation being pretty substantial throughout the project, accompanied by solid featured from artists like DULLAH, Tae Kalz, and MiMi, this body of work is a cohesive one, evidently structured with artistic intent.

His fearlessness as a musician will make you infatuated with not only he as an artist but he as a person.

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