Writrz Block (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

The Writer Block was created by father-son duo James and Bakir Floyd. 
Writrz Block is a platform that challenges artist to a 3 hour song duel. When artist arrive at the Writrz Block studio they are given a beat at random. When the music starts so does the timer and they must create not just any song, but a hit record in 3 hours or less! The objective of this show is to dig into the mind's of artists, capturing them in their creative essence. We often times hear our favorite songs through radio or different streaming platforms but the "how" is always missing. Writrz Block goal is to share this "how" and uncover the creative process behind our favorite hits!
In addition to the show, Writrz Block extended into an App, which allows both artist and producers to make money from their talents. As an artist, you can challenge other artist to a 24 hour song duel using beats provided by the producers on the platform. The catch is you can only hear approximately 10 seconds of the beat until the artist accepts your challenge request. Once accepted, the full version of the beat is emailed to both artist and you now have 24hrs to record and upload your version of the song to the platform. These song battles will be available for purchase. People can then vote on who song was the best, allowing the artist and producer to receive cash per vote in their favor. 
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