Xavo- Fiji (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 



To The Point.

Xavo’s latest single is a radio friendly record that I see blowing up on Tiktok with its pace switching chorus and a beat that’s easy to dance to. Fiji is one of those tracks that you can have on repeat and you hardly notice that you’ve probably listened to it about 100 times. One of the things that I focus on when listening to music is the voice of the artist because I already know the beat will be good. His voice matches perfectly with the instrumental, it’s effortless how smooth he sounds on Fiji. Xavo doesn’t stray far away from his strengths on this track, staying in his vocal comfort zone and giving us elite quality music.

"Fiji," is a track that is tailor made for females to sing and make TikToks with, so don't be surprised if this song gets some traction on the social media side of music distribution. Xavo is a talented brother to keep our eyes on as he continues to release music going into the new year. If "Fiji" is a taste of what he has coming up musically, we are in for some good music soon. Go stream Fiji on all digital music platforms.

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  • ItsXavo

    This is Dope! Great write up, I’m glad yall enjoyed the track, Thank you!

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