Common Jack- Fresh (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Simply put, this is high quality music. 

Fresh, by Common Jack, isn't just a song that comes off nicely through it's recording. There's no doubt in my mind, Jack could perform this cut live, while sustaining the song's potency, if not adding more. 

The sound is so natural and intimate. I imagined sitting in the backyard of a house show, listening to the intricacies of this composition.

Acoustic-esque pieces have a tendency to seem "empty" in spots. That's not to say, they can't sound beautiful, but they might not sound as full as a typical studio production. Either way, that is no problem here for Jack. Fresh, manages to keep the listener's ear immersed with beautiful piano, guitar, and leading vocals by Jack. 

Lyrically, the song is filled with reminiscing, and questions regarding the future.

Jack mentions specific moments from he and his love interest's past, which he seems to he fond of. He's even transparent, listing some of his flaws, and some of their's. That gives the piece even more realism, virtually nothing/no one is perfect. Jack eventually drops a bombshell, stating that, he and his love interest might as well get married. "You said you  never needed much, but in the end you might just end up needing me." Jack sings. 

Emotions run high on this track, and an underlying tone of vulnerability is prevalent. The piece is vivid, the it can stir passion, and even bring back some great memories of your own past. 

Listen to, Fresh, by Common Jack:

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