Yaielle Golden- Someone You Would Know (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses could be a strength or a weakness. Yaielle is her name. She is someone you should know if:

  • You listen to music at all
  • Know what good music sounds like

Yaielle is a Singer-songwriter from Little Rock, Arkansas with the soul of your mother’s favorite singer… all embedded within her pen. The talent you find around the world amazes me, but this one hurt. For how talented she is, there are not enough billboards in the world to show her face. And to her Instagram followers- It's so selfish to keep music like this to yourselves. 

As a writer, Yaielle holds a vibe in her compositions as strong as her pipes while hitting  notes in this track, but as structured and controlled as her syllables throughout her lyrics. 

When the track starts I hear a subtle marching snare with similar (but not the same) accents as Window Seat by Erykah Badu. The track sits in a moderate tempo that naturally made my head nod "yes " before I agreed to a single lyric. 

For her age, she has this "love thing" figured out- another strength of hers. Other compositions by Golden such as, Cariño, also show her outstanding abilities.

Musically she knows how to make you feel better about love issues with a significant other, those situations can be very upsetting. We need more! 

P.S. Then Came Summer, out now!

Check it out: 



  • Nakia

    OH YES!! This Songstress/Lyricists is “EVERYTHING” pun intended check out her single https://open.spotify.com/track/4Lwi9RE9HZfuQx3zVrdktD?si=FbRQCZAnTimojTpzL6tkzA

  • Kailen

    She is indeed a phenomenal artists! I love everything the releases. AMAZING!

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