Yannickk- June 19th in Toronto (Track Review)

Written by Parys Wyatt

One thing I love about writing for SwanoDown is that the music really pours in from everywhereeee. French-born and Toronto-based artist, Yannick, has given us June 19th in Toronto, and I don’t know about y’all, but something about this song gives “laid-back rooftop energy.” It’s easy to feel how intentionally-calm this piece is, a vibe that is maintained throughout much of the project in which this song appears, Option Nomad. Yannickk’s minimalistic approach to production with June 19th in Toronto definitely makes it a good candidate for any chill playlist you may currently be in the process of curating. The instruments on this track have an enveloping effect that says “take a moment and bump this a few times.” 

While I am lucky enough to be able to understand the lyrics themselves (thank you Bachelor’s Degree in French Language and Literature), regardless of whether or not you are francophone, this song is perfect for a quick vibe break. I feel like it’s important to understand that what we have been provided with so far is merely the baseline of what this artist is capable of. The style of Yannickk’s music without a doubt breeds curiosity as to how his work will evolve with future projects. No matter where Yannickk’s music journey takes him, the sky is obviously the limit. 

Check out June 19th in Toronto here:


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