Yarku (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Grayson Jones

Somewhere between floating in my own thoughts, and here in front of my speakers, I am sitting here thinking about all of the great qualities I can pick out in Yarku’s music.

If you have a close minded musical taste, Yarku is not for you. Yarku ventures and collaborates uniquely over arching melodies that fulfill the space in which he mixes. The artist, music producer, and mixing-engineer has a range of talents. His diverse backgrounds all aid to the music you hear from him. The song I would like to highlight is called Become a Tree. Yarku’s music is pure, and colorful in regards to its atmosphere and tonal quality. 

Most phrases instrumentally end in resolution and are full-sounding, driving the music in the direction in which he sees fit. Yarku’s music is an advocate for the healthy and wholesome lifestyle Yarku lives when he is not making psychedelic hits. What’s important to understand about Yarku’s music is that he is present for the song’s process into becoming a record. If you experience Fairy Tale, you can understand the extent to which the song developed. The instrumentation within the first minute is grand and effective. Most of the directions the song leads to are transcendent. The atmosphere all sounds in style and in cohesion. Very hard to do with as many sounds Yarku has in each piece. 

A lot of artists have a producer, recording engineer, and etc. Yarku– aided in his process or not, is involved in the song’s whole process.

Separating Yarku from other musicians is his attention to detail. It’s not enough to simply be there during the creation of a song, but sleeping on it and playing that one part over again and again makes true development. He sees the music at every stage and makes sure it is what he envisioned when he started the track initially. From personal experience, I can tell you mixing can take weeks, months, and in some cases years depending on the piece. Listening to Life Knows No End (song) and Fairy Tale. Yarku makes it easy to appreciate his time and devotion to his craft within these two tracks. Life really has no end. The death of one thing can lead to the life of another. Listening to some psychedelic music, you notice a similar framework. One idea fades into the opening of a bright newer instrument. A great example of this in Yarku’s music is from a single released back in 2020 titled Moonflower. The resonant chimes couples with ITAYA’s vocals on this mellow track then “dies off” and rebirths with a crash cymbal. If I can relate this sound to something, it would be similar to walking through a door of beads into a new room.  The transition only lasts a few seconds but the effects from that element lasts longer.  

Yarku is attentive to great music. His dynamic, work ethic, and lifestyle are what pulls apart his artistry from those who make psychedelic Pop/Rock. 

Yarku is an authentic genius, capturing sounds and taking them to a whole new level is his forte. His album, Life Knows No End, has been recognized by people already. I am simply adding to the plethora of feedback for Yarku. Many reviews are written about his music. Under appreciation seems harder to see reading all the great things the world has to say about Yarku. His success within the music industry is an inevitability. Either as an artist, engineer, or a producer, expect to hear a Yarku project in the future. Be sure to check him out today! Out now on all platforms is Life Knows No End

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