Yaz León- Rinse At 30 (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

A very relatable track by Yaz León that sounds like a detailed illustration of life in the United States for people of different cultures. Rinse at 30 gives us an in-depth look at what really goes on in America. It may not be the prettiest site, but it’s the truth and we have to accept that. She has lines in the song such as Sitting Pretty with my cuffs locked tight/ So proud of this capital. Those lines paint a disturbing image not shown first on our TV screens or on the internet. 

"They" try to bury these images of violence against cultures and promote what they think we want to see. It’s a reason why the protests were the topic of discussion for the entire month of June, where African Americans celebrate Juneteenth. Coronavirus took a backseat for a month and came back with a vengeance so we could forget about fighting for lives that matter.

Yaz speaks from a place of vulnerability, which can connect with an audience who have felt the same as her. For this to be her first single, I appreciated the effort put into the lyrics of the song and relaying a message to speak up and speak out against all injustices. 

Take a listen: 


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