Yeva- Lost in The Woods (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Let me start by stating the obvious. There's a lot of music released to the world every day.

According to Spotify's CEO, Daniel Ek, there are roughly 40,000 songs uploaded to Spotify on a daily basis, equating to roughly 14,600,000 songs a year. Even if you cut those numbers in half, they exceed the amount of music anyone could listen to in 1 lifetime. What else does this mean? There's a lot of room for music to sound duplicated and similar. So, when I hear an original sounding song like, Lost in the Woods, I immediately have a certain level of respect for it. 

The composition's mood is established within its opening measures. An ominous and airy piano, plays in a semi-staccato fashion, accompanying Yeva. As she approaches the forefront of the piece, Yeva begins to sing in a subdued tone:

"I have been hiding, in the shadows far from home. I have been wandering through the forest, all alone. I've been here far too long, the world I know is gone. I'm lost in the woods..."

There's a bevy of soundscape and creativity that Yeva is riding during this composition. She seems to embody the characteristics of a lone wolf. The lyrics reference her being lost and unable to "find her pack." And at a point, it sounds like she is literally howling. Yeva does a great job of never oversinging and overusing her vocals. Her tone stayed at a level where we believed her plight of uncertainty and bewilderment. 

The latter half of, Lost in The Woods, has dramatic orchestral strings, playing in cohesion with the song's climax. Yeva composes an engaging piece from start to finish, there are no "drop offs" in this piece, simply great art. 

Listen to, Lost in the Woods (And try not to get lost!):

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