Yoji- Hiding Place (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

I felt this one right away. 

Have you ever been in a venting mood? You know, those days where there's something on your mind or your chest that you just have to get out. Expressing inner emotions can be difficult for people. It's not easy, we're naturally built to protect ourselves, and being vulnerable can lead us to pain than we can't anticipate. And rightfully so, because of that fear, people shy away from being fully transparent at times. That's when people like Yoji have to come in and show us that it's ok to let your feelings be known... it may even be beneficial. 

On Yoji's single, Hiding Place, we can hear Yoji openly tell her love interest that she needs them and wants them. There's no holding back with the emotion here either. The piano, and subtle percussion create an all around engaging atmosphere, allowing Yoji to lead the way. One thing we appreciate at SwanoDown is authenticity. You can feel the passion permeating from Yoji's voice, through your speakers. This piece is a direct and concise yearning for a specific someone's presence. At one point she flat-out sings: "I like to think that I'm independent, but, I realize that I need ya." Her singing stays in the forefront, truly showcasing her ability to convey language and display a story. 

While listening, I felt gravitated and immersed in Yoji's world. If you let yourself get pulled in, I'm sure you'll experience the same. 

Check it out: 


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