Yorxe- Like Me (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

An arousing thriller. If I were to describe the feeling I get biting into A Yorxe track I would explain a thrilling experience that occurs as often as milestones in my life. For like me, Yorxe dives deeper than the surface to get on the “Elephant in the room” she says. This elephant is too big to move so she embraces it with full force.

Typically when you want someone to try something new you let them taste it to see if they like it. Yorxe flips this approach on its neck and shoves it down your windpipe. A big pill to swallow but the effects are so much stronger. Yorxe trots on this track explaining to the world that she is like a circus act but learning to understand her is the toughest part to knowing her. She asks rhetorically “Could you speak like me?

"Got a streak like me? Let your head roll down the street like me?” After she flexes hard enough for you to be intimidated about whether you can handle her or not, she continues to trot playfully. If the scary thriller movie IT were to collaborate with Rihanna's Disturbia you would hear something similar to Like me. Stretching boundaries bouncing through vocals and staying true to herself are just a few of Yorxe’s qualities. 

Take a listen: 


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