Young piff (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

Music has the ability to send our minds/emotions to several places. Within a 2-5 minute window of time, the sounds that seep from some of our favorite songs can cause intense levels of dopamine to be released, or on the contrary, immense amounts of serotonin. Depending on the time and place, the reaction that we yearn for may vary. This is one of the reasons why an artist-audeince realarnship is so important. Unknowingly, you can be sculpting the overall landscape of someone's day and how they'll feel while going about it. 

So, when an artist like Young Piff gives us a project like, po dat lean up, respect is garnered from its sheer rawness and transparent qualities. This is not only prevalent on the project, but also on some of his singles. Pieces like "Gas Station," and "To the Store," inherited great levels of confidence and persona, and do not lack in their uptempo vividness. Listening to Piff's catalog gives you an understanding of his vocal and instrumental diversity.

Piff told SwanoDown: 

"When writing 'Po Dat Lean Up' the emotions I intended to extract from those listening, was for them to feel my actual place in where I was at with the syrup usage at the time and how i felt about it. I painted the perfect picture about it, the best way I can..."

He continued:

"I also wanted to relate to those who actually use syrup for them to feel the vibe and vibrance of my music that I create related to living the lifestyle of sippin lean and taking other pharmaceuticals. Not that im trying to promote drug usage or anything, but this is me and what I do and I have an audience/fans out there that goes through the same things as me and feels my music because they know this and can relate. I'm just relating to my listeners. I love my supporters."

Take a Listen:

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