Yung Fate (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

Yung Fate was just your typical kid trying to avoid staying out of trouble in school. He found his passion in creating music, which started out originally after freestyling with his friends in middle school and deeply falling in love with rapping. Yung Fate began taking his “music career’ seriously in late highschool. Yung Fate quickly realized that he wasn’t going to be going to college and that working a regular job was not in his schedule. Only having one fate which was anchored in his music being his career choice.

He saved up some money from working his part time job and built a home studio in his bedroom. After receiving positive feedback on SoundCloud and learning how to legally own his own beats, record, mix and master himself. From being a typical rookie SoundCloud rapper to owning a catalog of music on platforms including Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify. Yung Fate was determined and eventually took it to the next level. Yung Fate ended up working with Afroman and that helped him earn almost a half a million streams in 2020. The digital age and social media has changed the music industry for good. Back in the early 2000’s people passed out CD’s and mixtapes now new upcoming artists just record a song from their bedroom and upload it directly to the internet.
Be on the lookout for his upcoming project “BREAKTHROUGH”. 

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