YUNGMORPHEUS x EYEDRESS x PINK SIIFU- Georgette’s Tea Room (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Ever since TikTok has been un-banned in the United States, I realized how many sounds are bound to certain areas and events. Brass horns to introduce royalty, or organs being prominent in more religious-based events like weddings and communion. Georgette’s Tea room represents classic L.A. YUNGMORPHEUS, EYEDRESS, and PINK SIIFU all participate in adding their own unique flare of style. Spacious tones within the instrumentation are actually very similar to a sound you may hear in a viral sound on TikTok! Melodies like this are iconic for Los Angeles.

Check out
Summertime with DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince for an “Ah-ha!” Moment worth venturing for. The Los Angeles natives took the iconic sound with a more bereft tone. This record touches on topics of famine, poverty, and violence throughout the less fortunate areas. How to deal with these issues remain uncertain, but the music provides proper press to address the problem. aside from music, these three have created a project that represents something deeper than the evolution of west coast hip-hop. Georgette’s Tea Room spills all the underlying atrocities tourists overlook when visiting the lavish city of Los Angeles.

Georgette’s Tea Room.

Check it out below!

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