Zül-Qarnaįn- Black Romance (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Miles Monroe II

I knew the chorus sounded familiar because as a kid in an all black school, we were taught to know the Black National Anthem. 

To tie it into today’s climate and over such a soulful Instrumental, Zül-Qarnajn might have unlocked some educational barriers for his audience. Black Romance, the first single from his upcoming project, The MESSAGE, gives game and encourages love across all races. Zül is conscious of the world and how we might not recognize the power that comes with being black. There is a reason why we have a pulse on the culture and are able to shift it at any time. His words of encouragement and uplifting one another doesn’t go unnoticed, especially with such strong vocals. It doesn’t sound like an angry black man on a trap beat. He sounds determined, strong minded and a student of black history. 

There is a teaching element to his tone as well when he drops certain jewels throughout the song. Often, we might hear these messages and push them to the wayside, due to it being a microwave era in hip hop. Black Romance is a song that can’t be ignored and a track that you’ll want to rewind to hear his vociferous bars.

If this was only a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming album, I certainly encourage everyone to play this song when you’re with your girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, siblings and anyone who needs to hear this song. It’s all about loving the skin you’re in more, loving others and recognizing the power we have inside of ourselves. Black Romance, puts a stop to the negative images we see daily that can rot our brain. The more we feed our brain with positive images and thoughts, the better we will feel about ourselves in the long run. 

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