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Youth activists advocate for voting rights now [SwanoDown Look Back, 2021]

By Imani Wj WrightOriginal Publish, 2021 On Nov. 3, several advocacy groups, and protestors gathered outside The White House, demanding President Biden to make voting rights a top priority by passing voters rights legislation, and in turn, ending the current filibuster. This action followed events in October that resulted in dozens of activists arrested. The demonstration was constructed by: The League of Women Voters, People For the American Way, Declaration for American Democracy, together with Black Voters Matter, Democracy Initiative, Drum Majors for Change and the Future Coalition. Notable names in attendance included Martin Luther King III, Andrea Waters King, Yolanda Renee King and Ben Jealous.  The crowd’s demographic was diverse in age and race, but youth activists were in...

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Young people hold Biden’s feet to the fire on immigration policies [SwanoDown Look Back, 2021]

By Imani Wj WrightOriginal Publish, 2021 On April 28, as President Joe Biden approached his first 100 days in office, United We Dream (UWD) and their allies marched in Washington, D.C. to demand the Commander in Chief and Democrats to create a pathway to citizenship for immigrants.  “United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation, a powerful network made up of over 800,000 members, over 100 local groups and a reach of over 5 million per month. UWD’s vision is to build a multi-racial, multi-ethnic movement of young people who organize and advocate at the local and national levels for the dignity and justice of immigrants and communities of color in the United States,” according to...

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